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Get the most out of your doctor visit with one-stop, easy tracking.

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Introducing HealthTab

HealthTab is the patient's health journaling and tracking app. Track pills, create health-related reminders, take notes and add lab results. Everything is kept in one spot so you don't have to go searching for the missing information.

Unlike other hospital or insurance-provided apps which control the information you see — HealthTab allows you to control the data and functionality right from your phone, making it more useful for you, the patient.

Become proactive with your health by staying informed. Patient-centered care begins by you taking control of your care.

Let HealthTab get you there.

Easy to Read Tabs

After your doctor asks, "What brings you here today?" - you need to quickly get to your information without hassle. HealthTab's unique, easy to read category tabs and at-a-glance overview will help you carry the conversation without forgetting important questions and information you want to ask or share with your physician.

Health Journal

Let your creativity lead you to wellness. HealthTab offers multiple uses. Create notes with images and category colors for when you want to track health, moods, symptoms, or simply jot down a list of questions or other information important for your doctor to know.

Make Tasks

Set health-related tasks or events. You can create any task that will help you remember to pick up a medication at a drug store by using location services, get to an appointment or set a reminder to take a walk today.

Track Labs

Keep your labs in one place, update them on the fly or inform your physician of your most recent ones. HealthTab is designed to remember the types of labs you have had so your input is minimal. Labs can also be removed.

Create Reminders

Set any time-sensitive reminders needed, like when to take a medication or do some other health-related task.

Medications & Supplements

Track medications or supplements you take. Now it's easy to track changed doses, brand, and frequency.

How The App Works?

Immediately Start Tracking

Add what you need and what you want to track. The selection of features allows you to make HealthTab what you need it to be. Keep your data on one device without providing any information that identifies you. You control it all.

Sign-Up is Optional

If you want access to your information, no matter which device you are on, supply an email address and you can log in from anywhere.

App Screenshots

Sign up today to get early access!

HealthTab is currently under development. The more people who use it, will help to improve it. Sign up to get the beta version! Your help will benefit its development and push the way for others to lead healthy lives, plus being an early adopter has its perks!